December Writing Results / January Writing Goals

We’ve made it to the end of 2021…

What a year.

But let’s not rehash all…that.

December Writing Results

Well, due to this month getting super busy, I haven’t been writing as much. Brainstorming has still happened. Because my brain just won’t leave the stories alone.

Arrows: Renamed Doris to Vivian and it suits her better.


January Writing Goals

Still going to be plodding along on both Arrows and TW

Maybe I’ll also go back to the Arrows side story. Maybe start on a short story pre-Woodsman. I don’t know; I just know I’ll be writing.

P.S. We woke up to snow on Sunday and it’s still here.

How did your writing go this year?

2 thoughts on “December Writing Results / January Writing Goals

  1. Great Update! writing this year has been the best ever! I was able to write over 10,000 words for my book in the last couple months due to a writing camp i joined and I officially feel more prepared to write this story than ever before. Keep plotting! The world waits to hear your words!

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