January Writing Results / February Writing Goals

Time for another results and goals post!

January Writing Results

Wrote more of Arrows. It’s turning out so much better than last time. I may also do a second round of beta-reading, so stay tuned! As for the side-story about Jason, I’ve done a tiny bit of brainstorming.

Came up with new angles for The Woodsman. As much as I’d love to expand on it more, Arrows is still my main gig.

Came up with a new story idea: Postbellum West Virginia, North-South tensions still running high, a mix-up resulting in a marriage of convenience…ish. And I may be considering linking it to the TW-verse. Because my brain is like that…

Came up with a new angle for Gunnar & Mette – it will now include a partial basis on the Christianization of Norway. So now it’s a mix-mash of that and HCA’s The Snow Queen with sprinkles of Arthurian and LOTR influence. Plus, it’s got Disney-ish animal sidekicks. (noihavenoideahowitsgoingtoworkbutihopeitdoes)

My idea for a Nutcracker retelling got revived and plopped in a different setting: SPACE. THE FINAL FRONTIER.

Yep, a space retelling of The Nutcracker. (and though I’m not much of a Trekkie, I really couldn’t resist that reference 😆) I’ll be really excited once I get around to this because I am an astronomy geek and I always loved going to the Nutcracker ballet.

February Writing Goals

Finish the second draft of Arrows and maaaaaaaaybe recruit a second beta team? 😉

Restructure The Woodsman and start rewriting it.

Maybe dabble in the other ideas too, though it won’t likely be much.

How’d your writing go last month? What’re your writing plans for this month?

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