Monthly Reads: March / Writing Results + Goals

Alright, so I’ve decided to combine my monthly reads + writing results and goals posts together.


I only finished two books last month, and then decided to start re-reading them. The Scarlett Virgins, by Rebecca Lemke and Forbidden Friendships, by Joshua D. Jones.


Um…got started on revising Arrows for the bajillionth time. Also got started on The Woodsman again. They haven’t gotten that far…

Also, I found a family tree making site and as expected, I went crazy making family trees for my characters. If anyone’s curious, it’s called Family Echo. It’s completely free, and if you want to save the tree, all you need is email and a password.


I’m only going to try for 5k of Arrows, 5k of The Woodsman ,and 5k of Preserving The Past. Yep, I’m reviving an old, old story to see if it’ll get the writing gears going.

How was your March? What’re your writing plans for April?

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