Writing Update

Hey, everyone!

A little over one week into writing camp and as of right now, I’ve written 3,091 new words for The Woodsman, with a total goal of adding 15k to it. I originally was going for 5k with a new draft, and had the same goal for Arrows and Preserving The Past, though with the former, it was really supposed to be 5k new words since I started on it before camp. With PTP, I started a brand-new draft.

However, Arrows has only 226 new words added to it and PTP has 1,496 words. I did also decide to include something from a previous draft of PTP to act as sort of a ‘compass’ for the story, but I’m not counting it towards my count for this month since it’s from an old draft.

TW also has a prologue that was added in from a draft for a Woodsman-related thing, and also another thing that was from a previously-started draft, so those aren’t being counted towards this camp’s count either.

I also decided to start a second blog – one about knitting. I haven’t launched it yet, but I’d like to sometime next month. Just want to get a few more things in order first.

Anyway, that’s all for today. How’s your writing coming along?

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