Writing Update + Plus Other Stuff

After a discussion about The Woodsman with one of my sisters, I finally figured out what’s going on.

See, my sister said Nicki was boring. And she was right. So, after the talk we had and after letting it soak into my mind a bit, I do think I’ve figured it out.

I won’t say much though, only that TW is starting to return more to its roots.

As for the other stuff…

I’m still not going to be posting a lot, especially now that summer is around the corner. Summer has never been a huge blogging time for me.

I do have a draft for a post about writing romance though, so that could still pop up. And last week, I decided October is going to be alllllllllll about the Reformation – including the history of Bible translations. And speaking of Bible translations, I found a goldmine of articles about the KJV.

Did you know there was a preface from the translators to the reader that is now missing from modern KJVs? Yeah, me neither – until today, that is.

Anyway, that’s about it.

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