Monthly Reads: June / Writing Results + Goals…Ish

I realized earlier I completely forgot to do this at the beginning of the month. Oops.


Read a little more last month, which is good.

What Is The Relationship Between Church & State / R.C. Sproul


READ THIS. It blew my mind up – metaphorically, that is, haha. Especially the realization while reading Chapter 4 that God used the Tudors as a domino to set a whole bunch of events in place that led to the USA’s existence.

(The Kindle version is free on Amazon btw)

How Can I Develop A Christian Conscience? / R.C. Sproul


I didn’t have a review for this one, but I remember it being really good.

(It’s also free on Amazon for Kindle)

What Is Predestination? / R.C. Sproul


Excellent explanation of election. A couple of quotes:

“The internal call, however, has to do with the secret operation of the Holy Spirit. He calls men and women inwardly, changes the dispositions of their hearts, raises them to new spiritual life, awakens them from their dogmatic slumbers, and impels them toward faith and belief. That’s what is meant by the inward call of God.”

“The moment we begin to think that God owes us, or anyone, mercy is the moment we should have a bell go off in our brains. We need a warning that we are no longer thinking about mercy, because again, mercy that is required is not mercy. If we think that God owes us grace, we’ve stopped thinking about grace and have started thinking about justice. The worst thing that could happen to us is for us to ask God for justice. The only way we can draw a breath in this world, and the only way we can hope of going to heaven, is by His sovereign grace alone.”

“What God chooses, He does so according to His good pleasure. This word makes all the difference in the world. There is no such thing as the bad pleasure of God’s will. God does not take pleasure in evil. Human beings take pleasure in evil. In fact, that’s why we sin, because it’s pleasurable to us. If it weren’t pleasurable, we wouldn’t be enticed or tempted by it. But there is no evil will in God.”

“One of the reasons Augustine taught that election is unconditional is that before his treatment of election, he spent a great deal of time studying the biblical view of the fall of man. He considered the question, To what degree have we been corrupted in our human nature? Augustine concluded that the fall of mankind is so great that even though we still are able to make choices, all of our choices proceed from a heart that is in bondage to sin, leaving us in a state of moral inability to choose what pleases God. The idea that Augustine taught was this: the sinner has no inclination in his heart for the things of God unless God first changes his soul. God must change the disposition of man’s heart through the supernatural work of regeneration. Scripture says that all whom the Holy Spirit regenerates come to faith, and that this regeneration effects what it was designed to effect. Further, left to himself, man will never incline himself to the things of God, and so, if the sinner is destitute of regeneration, he will never willingly embrace Christ.”

“Jesus says the flesh is no help at all; it profits nothing. It does not contribute even 1 percent; it contributes 0 percent. One hundred percent of our salvation is from God. If the Bible never mentioned the words predestination or election, we would still be driven to conclude that concept simply from the abundant references we find in the Scriptures about the state of our moral condition apart from saving grace and regeneration. The biggest hurdle we have to get over—before we are ready to assign the fullness of grace to our salvation—is the hurdle of thinking that we really do have an island of righteousness left in our souls that is unaffected by the fall and unpolluted by sin. It is the false belief that we’re not really dead in sin and trespasses, but that we’re only sick in sin and trespasses, still possessing the ability to revive ourselves once we hear the gospel. If we want to overcome these hurdles, we must truly understand the absolute sinfulness of sin and the absolute graciousness of grace.”

“The Augustinian doctrine of election unto salvation says this: no one wants Christ. No one wants to come into the kingdom of God. The heart is desperately wicked, and it desires only evil continuously. “No one seeks for God,” the Apostle Paul quoted is dragged kicking and screaming into the kingdom; everyone who enters the kingdom desires to be there.”

“When God elects unto salvation, He elects out of a mass of humanity that together is fallen, dead in sin and trespasses. By His gracious act of intervention, He steps in to accomplish a saving work in the hearts of some that He does not accomplish for the others. He doesn’t prevent the others from coming to Christ—He doesn’t have to prevent them from coming to Christ. They prevent themselves because they don’t want to come to Christ. They are already alienated from God, dead in their sins and trespasses. God does not force them to say no to Christ and the gospel; they reject Christ out of their own inclinations, their own hearts, their own wills. They do not come to Christ because they do not want to come to Christ.”


Definitely recommend. (The Kindle version is free on Amazon btw)

Authorized: The Use & Misuse of The King James Bible / Mark. L. Ward. Jr.


Pretty good book on the KJV Bible. Yes, the KJO-Only position is talked about. Regardless of where you fall on that hill (which I personally don’t believe should be a hill in the first place but that’s neither here nor there), you should read this.

The Forgotten Preface / Joshua Barzon


This is a helpful little book regarding the forgotten preface to the King James Version of the Bible. I’d recommend reading it along with Mark L. Ward Jr.’s Authorized: The Use & Misuse of The King James Bible.

The preface really ought to be added back in, just so people can know the translation philosophy of the translators. And yes, I would recommend it to both KJVos and non-KJVos.


Meh. I think I did more brainstorming than writing.


I’m just going to do a little bit for multiple stories. Summer has never been much of a writing time for me, so my goal for writing camp is 5k.


Still haven’t posted anything on my knitting blog yet…

Also, here is a GIF of some of the fireworks from last night.

How did your June go?

And to my fellow Americans, how was your Fourth?

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