What If…

What if I’m writing the wrong story? Wrong as in, this isn’t the time for it, but rather, the time for a different story? Such as…

…a story that I’ve had in my mind since I was thirteen, when I picked up that yellow legal pad at my grandma’s house and wrote the very first, very cringeworthy, lines of A Time For Everything?

Sure, I pushed it aside as more stories showed up and quickly stole their way to the top of the priority list. Sure, some of the original elements I came up with at 13 have snuck their way back in but hopefully in a way less cringey way this time around. Sure, it’s now connected to at least three standalone stories (Preserving The Past, Arrows, The Woodsman…apparently I like having my own multiverse).

But what’s more important, I think, is that the story has grown up. A lot. Gone is the sappy love triangle that was 99% the-okay, okay 100% the focus-when I was a teenager. Gone is the understanding I used to have of the war. (Right now I’m kinda in the middle but lean North)

Ever since I started diving back into research for this story, I’ve found lots and lots of books to read. Sure, I’ve hardly made a dent in said TBR pile, and have even had to return books ’cause I didn’t finish them by their last due date. And now I’m wondering why on earth I got books about battles that happened later on in the war when I really should be researching just 1861 right now…


As much as I want to, I think I might have to relegate Arrows and The Woodsman down the priority list for a while. The revived version of PTP is gonna have to wait too.

But maybe, just maybe ’cause they’re all connected…maybe by going back to A Time For Everything, the other stories will be influence by it. After all, they share common themes.

Family. Friendship. The value of life. Love. Loss. Dealing with grief.

Maybe, just maybe…

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