Monthly Reads + Writing Results: September / Goals: October

I completely forgot about this!

Of the books I finished in September, two were started in August. And alas, I did not finish all of those Civil War books…



Gettysburg: The Final Fury / Bruce Catton

“To the living of all subsequent generations, including this one, Gettysburg left an unending responsibility. A nation built on the idea that all men-all men-are of equal worth and equal rights summons every one of its citizens to a life-long commitment to put that idea into practical effect.

Gettysburg, then, was the price we pair for our service under that great concept. It was one stop in a long progression not and end, but a beginning-a pledge written in blood that freedom should be reborn in every generation.”

If you want a condensed account of Gettysburg to read about that’s still informative, read this one. For example, I had no idea that the third day was full of smoke to the point where hardly anyone could see anyone and some ended up shooting their own comrades!

Bruce Catton really did have a way of presenting the facts without bias, as some are apt to do in this day and age.

retrospect: Maybe there was slight bias, but it’s the kind of bias that doesn’t grate on your nerves. Plus it was infrequent and didn’t take over the book. That was my impression at least.


Women of The Blue & The Gray / Marianne Monson

So, this was a pretty informative book. I learned about more people (which led to finding more books to add to my Civil War research pile) that I’d never heard of before. And the chapter centered around some of the couples? my heartttt. I may have also been inspired for a couple of things in a WIP series I have set during the war…

There were times it felt like the author’s personal commentary was showing through the pages, which is admittedly hard when it comes to writing about the Civil War bc there are people firmly on the North’s side and people firmly on the South’s side, and then there’s me who’s in the middle-ish…

That being said, why is there no movie about Nancy Morgan and the militia she and her friend formed to protect their town after the fighting-age men went off to war? Why is there no movie about Susie Baker King Taylor?? The Cormanys??? The Crafts??? MOTHER BICKERDYKE????

(Pssst DailyWire…ideas for your next movies??)

The Prince & The Sea Witch / A.G. Marshall

This is another Villain’s Ever After book, and it’s a retelling of the Little Mermaid. I did like it, and thought the plot twist was unique. The romance did feel kinda rushed…


I think I’ve finally figured out the key to The Woodsman. But it came like, a day or two ago, not in September…

I’ve also started on A Time For War, and I’m trying to put together a timeline.

Alrighty, so that’s about it. I’ll be back with more updates sometime during the middle of the month.

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