Bible Translations

Since Reformation Day is this month, what could be more fitting than to have a brief post about Bible translations?

One of the most important aspects to come out of the Protestant Reformation was the belief that the Bible should be translated into the language of the common man.

That still holds true today.

Now, I was going to say something but at the risk of it turning into a rant, I’ve elected not to. Instead, I’ve compiled a list of links to check out about the history of Bible translations, Granted, it’s a small list right now, but will probably grow as time passes:

This site right here has a timeline; tried adding just the link but it won’t connect.

One thought on “Bible Translations

  1. This is a great post topic; I’ve had a handful of conversations with friends about translations recently, and it’s good to know they’re happening elsewhere too. I’m going to check out the articles you shared, thanks for including them!


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