Tiny Writing Update

Um. I may have come up with another Woodsman book. Which brings the total number of the Woodsmanverse to 7 books…

Two of those are actually a spin-off about a side character and a prequel to the spin-off but they still count-ish.

Anyway, this new one sits pretty between The Drifter (which is set in the late 1960s-early 1970s and is about Jonathan’s parents) and The Woodsman. It’s titled Harvest Moon which might or might not be the final title, Idk. I just came up with it while listening to an old 1910s song.

HM is about Jonathan & Nicki; namely how their romance started. I’m going to be taking scraps of old Woodsman drafts to piece it together (like a quilt) and maybe it’ll just turn into its own thing. Hopefully I can keep it under 20k though, haha. My novellas have a way of becoming novels – looking at you, TW. (In the first place, it was supposed to be a short story under 10k)

Anyway, I took an alternate opening to TW and started editing and now I’m currently at 1,340 words. I’ve also got a temp cover using one of the photos I took yesterday:

I also re-did the TW temp cover, again using a photo I took. (This one’s from a hike I went on back in May):

I was going to add a snipper but now that I think of it, perhaps it can wait. It’s also getting late. (Oh looking, rhyming – “Anyone want a peanut?” 😁 )

How’s your writing going?

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