Writing/Reading Update

Hey, all! Just thought I’d share a quick update about what’s going on:

On the reading front, I’ve started on The Civil War As A Theological Crisis by Mark A. Noll. It’s pretty solid at this point and quite interesting to read about what theology in 19th century America actually was like. It wasn’t dispensational, it was covenantal. (Which I already knew but I’m always up for learning more about it)

I do plan on getting back to the Sermons of Charles Spurgeon I started last year and…never…finished…

On the writing front, Harvest Moon and The Woodsman will be going back to the outlining board, then I’ll try to get a crack at writing them and finishing them before the summer arrives.

As for A Time Of War (which yes, has been slightly changed from A Time For War), I did try to take a stab at it yesterday because I was planning on getting back to it yesterday because yesterday happened to be the day the Star of The West was fired upon by South Carolina. And because some consider those shots to be the first of the Civil War, well…

On the new ideas front, I started to outline a story idea that’s been knocking around my head for a while now. It’s about a high-ranking officer in the Roman army during the reign of the infamous Nero who knows his wife is a Christian and keeps is a well-guarded secret…until the day he tells it to his brother. Betrayed, separated, sold into slavery…Titus & Helena is a trilogy about faith, hope, and love.

I even decided to use the Greek words for faith, hope, and love as the title to each book: Pistis, Elpis, and Agape.

(Definitely had to double-check what I saw online versus what the Word Study Dictionary by Zodhiates says, at least for the first two words)

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