Flash Fiction Bundles

All the current flash fics on the blog collected on a single page for easy access!

Almost all of the flash fics take place before or after the main story, or in-between stories if there’s a series involved.

The reason why the dates and locations for some fics jump all over the place is because I’m playing with the timelines/locations of those stories…at least until they’re published. In which case, the timelines will be adjusted to fit with the published canon unless stated otherwise.


Daddy’s Footsteps


Taylor Family Moment

Go Fish

Hide & Seek

Mother and Son

EJ’s Christmas Prayer


A Stroll On The Beach



Dandelion Wishes

Roller Skates & A Bus Stop


Happy Birthday, Maddie

Someone Is In My Closet

Little Duckling

The Dragon

Family Fluff

The Matthews Family


2006 – Sequel to 1979

2006 – Part 2

The Boy Who Smiled

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – Part 2

My Hero Is…

At The End of The Day

Daisy, Daisy…

Falling In Love With You

Rainy Night Cuddles

Baby of Mine

Moving Forward

Content Where I Am

1K Story Challenge: Reunion At Gettysburg

Afraid Of The Dark

A Picture Is Worth…

Before The Storm

Father and Son


TLR/TMF Crossovers

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