Flash Fiction Bundles

All the current flash fics on the blog collected on a single page for easy access!

Almost all of the flash fics take place before or after the main story, or in-between stories if there’s a series involved.

The reason why the dates and locations for some fics jump all over the place is because I’m playing with the timelines/locations of those stories…at least until they’re published. In which case, the timelines will be adjusted to fit with the published canon unless stated otherwise, like if I want something to be an AU (Alternate Universe).

Eventually, I do plan on compiling most of these into companion collections for the corresponding books, so stay tuned.


Daddy’s Footsteps


Taylor Family Moment

Go Fish

Hide & Seek

Mother and Son

EJ’s Christmas Prayer


A Stroll On The Beach



Dandelion Wishes

Roller Skates & A Bus Stop


Happy Birthday, Maddie

Someone Is In My Closet

Little Duckling

The Dragon

Family Fluff

The Matthews Family


2006 – Sequel to 1979

2006 – Part 2

The Boy Who Smiled

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – Part 2

My Hero Is…

At The End of The Day

Daisy, Daisy…

Falling In Love With You

Rainy Night Cuddles

Baby of Mine

Moving Forward

Content Where I Am

1K Story Challenge: Reunion At Gettysburg

Afraid Of The Dark

A Picture Is Worth…

Before The Storm

Father and Son


Connor & The Wishing Fountain

Lights Out

A Child’s Gift

It’s Never Cliché…

The Times She Said Yes

Stolen Lives


Goodbye, Sweetheart

Lost Memories

Scottish Legends

Ella & Jamie

Moonlight Memories

Tales From Pine Grove

Harrison & Sadie


Zero & Five


Pearls & Roses


Behind A Frozen Waterfall


Not How I Imagined It

Beyond The Horizon

The Prodigal’s Return

Lost At Sea

Escape From Salem




The Mirror (Sequel to Frostbite)

Nothing Is What You Think It Is

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