10 Books About The American Civil War For The Armchair Historian

(Yes, I know this was already posted last December but I forgot to finish it before it went live so here ya go again)

I’ve been fascinated by the Civil War for as long as I can remember. Lately in the past few months, I’ve been diving back into research for my Civil War series, A Time For Everything, because I want to present both sides in a fair, accurate manner.

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Monthly Reads + Writing Results: October / Goals: November

October is over…sniff. October was also really weird. It was unusually warmer than usual, so unusually warmer that our raspberries kept producing! Usually they’re gone by the end of September! I went out to them yesterday and found one lonely lone ripe raspberry and an almost ripe raspberry (or maybe this was the one that was starting to get icky on one side)

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