Preserving The Past – Book 1 in the Taylor-Lafayette-Robinson Series

A few short years after the Civil War ended, a meeting was called between veterans from both sides to discuss its’ fate. Some said it should be forgotten. Others said it needed to be remembered for future generations to learn from it. The rest were undecided.

Over a hundred years later, after they and their families are attacked on the same night, three young men discover their shared past and band together not only to protect their families from those that wish them harm but also to make sure the knowledge of one of the most impactful events in American history is preserved for future generations to learn from.

Status: Finished NaNo draft

Storyboard: https://www.pinterest.com/mosspack/taylor-lafayette-robinson-series/preserving-the-past/

Matthews Family Series

#1 / Untitled – After his ex-girlfriend from college goes missing and is presumed murdered, security guard Connor Matthews finds himself as one of the main persons of interest. And as the case progresses, he soon realizes he’ll be facing the past he never wanted to remember.

#2 / More Than A Feeling – Connor & Kelly keep insisting they’re just friends, but from the way they look at each other, something more is festering under the surface.

#3 / Take My Hand – More crime, romance, suspense, and loads of angst.

#4 / ReunionA long-lost family is brought back together.

Status: Outlining on and off.

Storyboard: https://www.pinterest.com/mosspack/matthews-family-trilogy-wip/

The Woodsman: A Short Story

Widowed college student Amber Duron only wants a relaxing summer break with her young daughter in the small, remote town of Marigold Hills. But not long after arriving, she finds out from the locals there’s a legendary figure wandering around these here parts–and it’s not Bigfoot. It’s a human. And he or she is wearing a gas mask from WWII to conceal their identity.

Amber isn’t sure whether to believe the legends or not. But when she uncovers a fifteen-year-old mystery someone is determined to keep unsolved, it soon becomes apparent that the only solution seems to be searching out the Woodsman for answers.

Status: Editing

Storyboard: https://www.pinterest.com/mosspack/the-woodsman-a-short-story-wip/

Untitled Civil War Novelette

A young couple on the brink of marriage find their plans upended when war breaks out between the states.

Status: Outlining

Storyboard: Under construction